OOTD: It's a Gold Boot Kind of Day

Tuesday, November 08, 2011 Amber 3 Comments

Last week, on a perfect fall day, I was feeling especially sassy. So, I pulled these gold boots outta storage and picked out a brightly-colored dress with a fun orange and magenta pattern. All of this work...only to spend the whole day in the office-and back in a storage closet. :( *sigh

Don't forget to check the budget shoe stores like Payless...you can stumble upon some awesome deals like these gold boots for $25!

Isn't this the perfect fall dress? The intricate diamond patterns and empire waistline with the  knee length A-line skirt  is probably the most flattering combination of elements that can be pulled together in one dress. The only drawback is that you have to find something to wear underneath it since the neckline is too low without a tank. Perfect for organizing boxes in the storage room, right?? lol
Reaching for the top shelf....
And it all comes tumbling down!!
*dramatic sigh...I have to work SO hard!
Why reach, when you can climb? ;)
Success!! lol
Dress: Sandra Darren via Marshalls (I think), Gold Boots: Payless, Jade Quartz Earrings and Crystal bracelet: Love and Pieces, Gold plated necklace: Embellish 
 Just another day at the office, of course. lol.

So...here's a little tip for accessorizing bright colors. I say...go for bright, chunky earrings in a color that does not appear in the rest of your outfit. It's an unexpected touch that draws attention up to your face and creates even more visual interest. Some days I tend to be very matchy-matchy, but wearing accessories in an unexpected color makes me feel a little edgier and a little more exciting. Sometimes, that's all it takes, right?

What do you wear to feel sassy or to kick your outfit up a notch?


  1. Wanna get dressed up and clean out a few of my closets?! --Stephanie

  2. That dress is diving, I love the gorgeous colours! xx