Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shavonne Dorsey: Standing Up for the Curvy Girls!

Shavonne Dorsey is taking Chicago by storm and is totally representing for the curvy ladies everywhere! I was first introduced to her designs at the Fashion Fetish Fete, and again during the Macy's Chicago Fashion Incubator show.

And now...I get to meet her in person at Chicago Fashion Connect's November Mixer tomorrow night, where she is the featured designer. I'm so excited! And since I'm in the Shavonne Dorsey fan-girl mode, I thought I'd post a video I took of her runway show during the Fashion Focus week.

Her designs are fun and practical at the same time. I could see myself wearing that floral wrap dress to work, brunch, a wedding shower...or any number of other events. The shapes of Shavonne's dresses are flattering and have an unexpected flair.

What'd you think? Which dresses were your favorite?

Check back on Friday to see pictures from the event tomorrow night! :)
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