Plussize News Roundup: July 25

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 Amber 0 Comments

Have you noticed the increase in fantastic coverage of plussize events/news lately? Check out this week's news roundup.

Listen Up, Fashion Companies: Plus-Size Women Are Literally Just Waiting to Give You Our Money (xoJane): Columnist Veronica Miller comments on Christina Binkley's video of a WSJ Live interview about the plussize fashion market--which was prompted by Vogue's choice of June cover model, curvy girl Kate Upton. Watch the interview below.

Plus Size Clothing Sold Online But Not In-Stores Poses Problem For Shoppers (Huffington Post Style): The article notes how difficult it is for plussize women to shop in stores in the U.S. because of the limited size ranges popular retailers carry in their brick-and-mortars. It also summarizes the findings of Modcloth's recent survey of plussize shoppers.

Full Figured Fashion Week: It's Not Your Average Runway Show (Forbes): This article is pretty much a profile for Gwen DeVoe as the creator and personality behind Full Figured Fashion Week. Great exposure for the event...but wow, what a diva!

If Obesity Is a Disease, Why Are So Many Obese People Healthy? (Times Ideas): In light of the American Medical Association's recent decision to classify obesity as a disease, this article raises the very pertinent point that people of all shapes and sizes are healthy and unhealthy and that obesity does not automatically make someone unhealthy.